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Guide To Make a Business Presentation

December 18, 2012

business presentationPresentation is a combination of correct font, matter, design template and pictures. It should be saved in the correct format which a computer can support. Correct installation is essential, to avoid all the efforts going in vain.

Business is all about making profits by selling a product, concept or a topic. To sell your product you should have a thorough knowledge about it. Now-a-days business presentations are mandatory to propose a plan. While making a presentation before the audience or clients one most have complete knowledge about the material for the presentation. If the person is unaware of the product, it is very difficult to get the audience convinced to buy the product or idea. Ensure the client is interested and focused. One has to put in effort, hardwork, practice and time to master the art of creating a presentation.

  1. Layout of Slides: ensure the layout of the slides is easy to follow. Correct format should be followed while making a slide. Keep the title on the top to avoid clients searching for it and allow phrases to move from left to right and top to bottom. There should be a free flow of information. Any critical information should be attached on top of the slide. Any information added on the bottom will not be easily seen by the audience at the back row, hence should be avoided.
  2. Ensure Key Phrases are used: a presentation should be simple and easy to understand. It should give crisp information and not lengthy details. Reduce the number of words to a minimal extent of importance and limit the number of points used. Just like an SEO Vancouver  initiative, use keywords that appeal your target audience. Phrases used should be able to give a brief idea about the topic to be introduced.
  3. Keep simple Fonts: it’s a business presentation so avoid using fancy fonts. Slides should be good to see and read. Limit too much punctuation as they create confusion and break the flow of the content. Fonts advisable for business presentations are Times New Roman or Verdana and Arial. At the same time one should avoid writing the matter in all Capital letters as they make the slide look too loud. One should not use more than 2 different fonts for heading and the body of the content.
  4. Selecting colour for the presentation: one should use simple textures and designs for business presentation. Clients should be able to concentrate on the matter and not the background of the slide. Avoid using white backgrounds. Colour scheme should be uniform.
  5. Matter of the presentation: all the matter used in the presentation should be original and not picked up by any website. Only in case of references content can be directly used. If the topic covered is too technical or is alien to the presenter, research should be conducted. False or misappropriate data should be strictly avoided. Any analysis in presentation should be backed by relevant data.
  6. Design and numbers of slides: a clean and simple layout is the most suitable for formal presentations. At the same time avoid using too many animations while presenting a data. To hold focus of the client’s one must keep minimum number of slides. Average holding time of a slide should not exceed one minutes or else the concentration would deviate.
  7. Use different medium to explain the data: at times simply reading the matter gets too monotonous. To break this monotony one can use graphs, pictures and charts to demonstrate the matter. Ensure the use of this medium is not too complicated to understand. It should be self explanatory.

Thus, we saw that making presentation is also an art and by following all these steps a decent presentation can be prepared. A presentator can add his own inputs while presenting the data. One should not just read the slides.


Author Bio
I am Mike Federer, a writer by profession-an observer by instinct. Researching about subjects of my interest and contributing write-ups regularly to online publications, blogs and websites is a daily activity for me. When I am not occupied with work, I spend days on end playing with my little kids, Sara and Ryan. They are my inspiration behind approaching every subject with childlike curiosity.



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